Where can I buy yarn and thread?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a lovely time during your holidays.

Today’s blog is based on a question I get a lot and to be honest there are so many decent yarn/thread vendors online now you can buy most of the well-known brands from any crafting shop online.

I have A LOT of yarn, I have two storage units full of yarn of different sizes and boxes of silks and threads, colours and quality. So I thought I would share some of my top shops to buy yarn for those of you who live in the UK this will be easier as that is where I am based and I buy my yarn from UK shops mainly, besides a few etsy store exceptions.

Hobbycraft – I use a lot of the Hobbycraft yarn, I highly recommend their baby brilliance yarn if you’re looking to make a really soft blanket. I made this giant granny square blanket with the Baby Prints 4mm yarn in this purple ombre hue. I’ve also made two baby blankets for relatives using the same baby brilliance brand.


Deramores – this website is great if you’re looking for specific brands, they stock various popular brands and have their own too. I use their Stylecraft range quite often and I’m currently using 10 different colours to create a giant rainbow blanket (using a cluster stitch) – hopefully I’ll finish this before 2019 ends…


Woolwarehouse – this is another website which stocks a range of branded yarn, and also they have some of the best tools, including a blocking board which is great if you are stitching squares and you want to keep them flat!

SewandSo –  I have been using this online store for the longest time, ever since I began cross stitching 3 years ago. They’re great for cross stitching supplies and recently I have began buying yarn from here too. If you are based in the UK, their delivery is so quick! I cross stitched the below using threads from here.


Silks4u – this is an etsy shop with some of the finest and highest quality silks you can get. The only catch is that the seller is based in Australia so it’s a short wait for your product but it’s 100% worth it! Some of the dyes and ombre colours the seller uses are phenomenal, and trust me when I say you get so much for your money. Below the Fries and Guys are both stitched in an ombre hank I ordered.


Where do you purchase your yarns, threads and silks from? I would love to know more shops available to me and add to my addition even more!

-Amy x


What have I been up too?

Sorry for the radio silence, but life got in the way again!

Unfortunately my family dog passed away, we knew she was very ill and that it was coming (she was around 17/18 – we adopted her so we aren’t 100% sure how old she was), but it still hit the family really hard and I lost my mojo for basically everything, I spent a week in solidarity and thinking about everything.

It’s been almost 2 months since it happened and I’m back! I have been slowly working away on various projects because who needs just one eh?

I taught myself the crochet stitch corner to corner work and have made good use of some sunset rainbow yarn I’ve been hoarding. I joined an amazing crochet facebook group which have absolutely inspired me – you can search for it ‘Hooked on Crochet UK’.

I’m not sure how big I’m going to make the blanket yet, but I’m having a lot of fun with it and c2c is SO easy, I think it’s my new favourite stitch. I think the next project will be to incorporate my love of cross stitch and crochet together to make a pixel pattern blanket for someone.

I’ve also been putting together a granny square blanket I started making for my sister in February…however we both did predict I wouldn’t be finished until Christmas so everything is fine…

The blanket is pastel colour themed (the yarn has glitter running through it, so it’s extra sparkly), and I’ve used a white glittery yarn to do the border. In total it has 8 colours and 15 squares of each colour so far so it’s looking to be a big one – it has to fit her and her cat 🙂

I also want to do a nice border so if you have any stitch recommendations let me know.

And finally I’m heading back to Disneyland Paris this year for both Halloween AND Christmas – I purchased a vlogging camera so I’ll be vlogging my trips. I’ll debut my first vlog when I take a trip to Harry Potter Studio Tours in a couple of weeks! I’m extremely nervous.


Finally I’m also working hard on my Ghibli cross stitch project which I started forever ago but it’s the project I come back to every now and again so it’s not a big deal if I don’t finish it soon.

Are you wanting to see more free patterns? Projects? Vlogs? Let me know!

I also caught over 200 Eevee’s in the Pokemon Go event which only 8 were shiny, boo!

-Amy x

First finished project of 2018!

Hello there! As most of you are aware I was working on a Disney Castle stitch (pattern from Etsy here) and I thought I would update my blog with the finished product and the pictures I took after each session.

I wanted to cross stitch myself something as I’ve been stitching for years and have yet to finish a project for me. As a Disney addict I thought this pattern was the only acceptable option to choose, it was very affordable and luckily I had a lot of the colours.

As you can see I finished this piece in 9 sessions and in total it took me around 23 hours – this was because there were quite a lot of sections with tiny segments of colour and it required quite a lot of changes. On a difficulty rating I would say this project is around a 6/10, but again this is only because of the amount of changes it required in colour, apart from that I absolutely had a blast stitching it (I get fed up of projects very quickly usually so this was a breath of fresh air).

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 18.10.09And here is the finished piece a bit bigger for you all to enjoy, eventually I am going to iron it and frame it with a hoop and maybe add Mickey ears to it!

I’d love to know what projects you’re currently working on, comment below and let me know 🙂


Welcome to my new blog, who knew I’d eventually create one for my handy work eh?

Well it’s almost 2018 and I decided that this year I want to do more stitching, more crocheting and if you didn’t know I do create my own patterns, normally inspired by the lovely ladies from RuPauls Drag Race and with a new season starting soon who knows what wonderful one-liners will appear!

I am currently working on a disney castle inspired cross stitch and this is where I am at at day 6, the reason I love this pattern is because I really love the colour block work.
Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 22.05.52

As we get into January I’ll be finishing this piece and slowly uploading my own patterns for you all to use and create – it would be amazing to see someone use my patterns for their own work!