My favourite Podcasts

Hello! Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite podcasts with you – now I know I can’t add my favourite podcasts to Goodreads (not even the ‘story’ ones, boo!) but if I’m honest I spend more time listening to Podcasts than reading these days. I tend to have one playing on my commute, while I’m working, in the bath, etc.

By now you will know the kind of books I read and my Podcasts are pretty much a reflection of my reading habits. The two genres I listen too are pretty much True Crime and Comedy!

I also want to recommend the app I use as it’s the best Podcast app I’ve found so far – it’s called Pocketcast. It’s not free, but it is super cheap and worth it, it’s tidy, easy to use, updates the podcasts for you and allows you to search popular podcasts in your area! (this isn’t sponsored)


My Favourite Murder

This is a true crime podcast with a twist, the co-hosts are two comedians (Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark) who talk about their ‘favourite’ murder each week but in a much less serious way that usual true crime podcasts. They have an amazing chemistry and are fricking hilarious. If you’re looking to listen to true crime podcasts which do not go into too much of the nitty gritty and the hosts have a laugh then I recommend this! SSDGM

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale is a much more serious true crime podcast with each episode going into a lot of detail about each murder (police calls, recordings, interviews etc) – this is not for the faint hearted and some of the episodes I’ve had to tap out of because they’ve been so hard hitting. One of my favourite episodes so far of this has been the Jonestown murders, which again has the full tape of when the ‘suicides’ commenced, so you might want to skip that part…

What’s the Tee

What’s the Tee features RuPaul and his co-host Michelle Visage while they discuss a variation of things, pop culture, advice and RuPauls Drag Race. They have some amazing guests and generally just have such a laugh, it’s a great one to put on in the background if you’re working. As a huge fan of RuPauls Drag Race I began listening to this and honestly, Michelle steals the show – she is incredible! I also think this podcast has introduced the world to squatty potties.

Getting Curious

I have only just started listening to this one and I’m gutted I did not begin listening sooner! This podcast is hosted by Jonathan Van Ness and each episode he explores various topics / things he is curious about. He gets experts in as they discuss topics that quite frankly everyone should know more about. Want to know why recycling is good? There is an episode, want to know more about what Trade Unions actually do? You bet there is an episode for that too. So not only is this an enjoyable podcast but it’s educational too!


Serial is an investigative journalism podcast and it is nonfiction, each season covers a different crime. The first season saw this podcast rise to fame, the season covered the case of the murder of Hae Min Lee where high school student Adnan Syed was convicted of her murder, despite there being what seems like a huge amount of evidence that suggests it’s not him. Because of this podcast a new trial has now been opened for Syed. I didn’t quite get on with Season two, however Season three is now the next on my list!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Absolutely hysterical, this was recommended to me by lots of my friends last year and I decided to finally begin listening during my drives back and forth to visit my parents. Me and my boyfriend listen to this in the car and it is guaranteed to have us both in stitches – as you can guess by the title the main host of the shows Father has written a series of porn books, to which he narrates chapters of them to his two close friends each week. The writing…isn’t the best, but if you need something to make you laugh – listen to this!

Do you have any podcasts you’d like to recommend me? Let me know in the comments!

-Amy x