Halloween at Disney

I recently got back from a trip to Disneyland Paris with a group of friends, we went specifically for the Halloween season and we were not disappointed!

I took hundreds of photos but also vlogged the trip too, it’s only my second vlog so please be gentle! You can click the image below to view the video on YouTube.


Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip:

I highly recommend going to Disneyland during a season, I’ve now been for Halloween, Christmas and the 25th anniversary – all of them were spectacular. The details in the park when it’s themed for a season are outstanding and they really do go all out! If you’re wanting to see Disney villains specifically I would recommend Halloween as many more are out and available for meet and greets.

And to top this amazing trip off – I am heading back for Christmas in 5 weeks, surprising my 8 year old niece with her first ever trip!

-Amy x

5 thoughts on “Halloween at Disney

    1. I’d say their main Disney parks are similar, the layout and rides are fairly on par with each other – Paris has a much bigger and more impressive castle, whereas California has the original teeny one!

      California has a much better second Studios park – it’s bigger and has already got lots of Marvel bits and pieces set-up. Paris Studios park is slowly going to be renovated!

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