First finished project of 2018!

Hello there! As most of you are aware I was working on a Disney Castle stitch (pattern from Etsy here) and I thought I would update my blog with the finished product and the pictures I took after each session.

I wanted to cross stitch myself something as I’ve been stitching for years and have yet to finish a project for me. As a Disney addict I thought this pattern was the only acceptable option to choose, it was very affordable and luckily I had a lot of the colours.

As you can see I finished this piece in 9 sessions and in total it took me around 23 hours – this was because there were quite a lot of sections with tiny segments of colour and it required quite a lot of changes. On a difficulty rating I would say this project is around a 6/10, but again this is only because of the amount of changes it required in colour, apart from that I absolutely had a blast stitching it (I get fed up of projects very quickly usually so this was a breath of fresh air).

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 18.10.09And here is the finished piece a bit bigger for you all to enjoy, eventually I am going to iron it and frame it with a hoop and maybe add Mickey ears to it!

I’d love to know what projects you’re currently working on, comment below and let me know šŸ™‚

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